Hello & Welcome

The hardest bit is now over, whether you chose me or someone else to help you in your quest to create more clarity and happiness in your life, you have made the first most important decision, you have taken the first step in helping you to achieve your dreams, ambitions or just to feel more fulfilled. The rest is going to be a breeze…

Creating Clarity is a new service offered in Cornwall and works around the concept that we actually know what we all want, we just not sure on how to get there. Too often so called, ‘experts’ offer the right path, the right model, the right diet or the winning strategy for every individual that sees them or picks up their book, yet how can they? No two anxiety disorders are the same, no two fears of spiders are the same, no two sleep disorders are the same, one size certainly does not fit all. Two smokers will smoke for a multitude of different reasons and will follow their own individual pattern for when and how they smoke.

Creating Clarity works differently, by creating a bespoke plan that is totally wrapped around the individual, led completely by the individual and just guided by the therapist. Your task is to decide where you want to go and mine to ensure you make it.

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